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The Artisan Collection by Haiku Home

Art matters in an essential, primal, humanity-at-its-most-basic-level kind of way. There’s the unbridled creativity of it, the way it lifts our moods and makes us think and challenges us to see things in a new way.

That’s why we created the Artisan Collection: this is our chance to support artists in a whole new way, by helping them create something bold and exciting that you’ll be proud to hang in your home alongside your other favorite pieces.

We’re proud to work with the daring group of local artists who’ve given our collection its start, and we can’t wait to add to it the work of other visionary creators. We’re seeking artists who push the boundaries of content, form and style. Artists who push themselves to make something wholly original and embrace the challenges of a fresh medium.

Because now, when we see our fans, we see something new. We see a canvas. We see a work of art.

Our Exclusive Designs

About the Designs

"Flying Machine"

The form of the fan, itself, is a beautiful shape. We wanted to approach it in a way that accentuated the structure and worked with the airfoil to create a coherent whole. We started by thinking about the airfoil itself. That led us to the evolution of flying machines, from the early Leonardo da Vinci drawings to hot air balloons to modern-day inventions."

"Natural Expansion"

The piece 'Natural Expansion' is a quick glimpse at the early stages of organic life. I was inspired by nature’s ability to thrive in unlikely places, such as cracks in concrete. Nature finds a way."

"Visual Vestige"

Visual Vestige is inspired by automotive paint scallops and comic book thought bubbles, which I reference in a lot of my work. I chose the bright blue and yellow color as an homage to the original Blue Angels Corsair aircraft. The design provides a sense of speed and creates a tracer effect as the fan spins."

"Whale Bones"

I have heavy ideas from time to time, but I typically keep my creative process pretty simple and spur-of-the-moment. In the case of Whale Bones, I thought the airfoil had a similar profile to a whale. I stenciled the skeleton -- as though you're looking through the whale -- and painted the nautical background."

"Evolution of Eden"

I look at nature, but I also look at modern, urban landscapes and pull ideas and images from that. The fan, to me, resembles shapes you see occurring in nature. My airfoil design is based on the idea of a more organic flower symbolism."

"Phantom Pains Support Group"

I happened to be watching a film wherein the central character becomes addicted to support groups. One of these fictional groups catered to amputees with phantom pains. I took the idea and ran with it, using a style I enjoy to create a one-of-a-kind piece."

"Dapper Delineation"

As a kid, I used to go to car shows with my uncle, and those automotive design elements show up in a lot of the stuff I do. This design shows that influence – I think of it as black-tie meets tricked-out hot rod. The result is something you could see at one of those car shows, or on the bottom of a skateboard or snowboard. It embodies the style that I call “Super Sleek” – candy for the eye."
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