Haiku Haiku


Haiku Home builds nothing less than the most advanced ceiling fans in the world. Powered by silent, super-efficient motors, guided by adaptive SenseMEĀ® technology, and built from premium materials, Haiku fans are high-performance, high-efficiency design centerpieces that feel as cool as they look.

Luxe Series - Learn More

Show off your ceiling in style with our brushed aluminium ceiling fans. Our Luxe Series fans are hand-crafted by our expert technicians from air-craft grade aluminium and engineered to stand the test of time.

H Series - Learn More

From sustainable Moso bamboo to SenseME technology, the H Series proves that superb design is in the details.

I Series - Learn More

Built from exceptionally durable material and powered by SenseME, the I Series provides powerful, intelligent airflow indoors and out.

L Series - Learn More

Haiku L Series offers iconic design and exceptional performance at an unbeatable price point.

Artisan Collection - Learn More

Bring art out of the museum and into your home with the Artisan Collection, featuring artists' hand-painted, original designs on our aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils.