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Haiku Light fixtures bring stylish, automated lighting to every part of your home. Consult the options below and compare to determine which fixture is right for you.

Haiku Light - Learn More

Meet the Haiku Light, a first-of-its kind LED fixture over-engineered for world class brightness and efficiency.

  • Haiku Lights automatically respond to your presence and to natural light, saving up to 60% in operating expenses while maintaining a balanced light level in hallways, mudrooms, closets, entryways and porches.
  • Haiku Light was designed for such ease of assembly, most customers report completing the task in under 15 minutes. Find a 5” or 6” can, or a 4” light-rated junction box, and make your ceiling proud.
  • When paired with Amazon® Echo, you can control your light using simple voice commands like “Alexa, turn on the living room light.”

Garage Light - Learn More

With a 7-year fully guaranteed warranty and a rated LED life of more than 130 years, The Garage Light is the last light you’ll ever need.

  • Ultra-bright and tough as nails, the Garage Light is pre-wired for easy installation anywhere (S-hooks included).
  • With the simple addition of our Garage Light occupancy sensor, you can add an increased level of efficiency, safety and convenience to your fixture.
  • Our lumen maintenance trays slide out easily for quick-cleaning instead of awkwardly reaching from a ladder.