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About the Light
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About the Light

A More Intelligent Light

Haiku Lights react to your presence, turning on automatically when you enter a room and off again when you leave, effortlessly saving energy day and night.

Elegant Design

Haiku Light fixtures boast the same sleek, simple design elements fundamental to Haiku's sophisticated look. This black fixture works well with décor both traditional and contemporary. These slender fixtures also install attractively (and simply) in any can or standard flush setting.

Exceptional Efficiency

Haiku Lights produce more than 50% more light than a typical 60-watt incandescent bulb, and last more than 30 times as long. The fixture's custom-designed, integrated heat sink lowers the light's operating temperature, extending its already long life even further.

Customized Brilliance

The Premier model fixtures can shift color temperature from warm amber (ideal for relaxation) to cool white (perfect for daylight hours), so that you can select your preference and set the mood for any occasion.

Versatile Controls

Each Haiku Light fixture includes a remote control that lets you conveniently adjust the light's intensity and enable or disable the onboard motion sensor with the touch of a button. The Premier model's remote will also allow you to shift the light's color temperature to suit your preferences. Pair the lights with a Haiku Wall Control (optional) for added control.


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