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    Truly Brilliant
    Garage Lights' 13,000 lumen-output is 16 times greater than a typical 60-watt incandescent bulb, and it's rated to last 150 times as long. A single Garage Light fixture is powerful enough to provide crystal-clear illumination to a space up to 10x15 feet.
    Garage Light isn’t your typical light fixture. The simulated images below demonstrate how its power and coverage compare to typical 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Use the comparison to determine the number of Garage Light fixtures that would work best in your space.

    Designed for a Lifetime
    Put simply, Garage Light is built to last. Crafted from a single piece of anodized aluminum, this fixture can withstand conditions in your home's toughest spaces without missing a beat. The ribbed-fin design of its body acts as a heat sink to extend the already long life of the LEDs.

    Lasting Efficiency
    With a rated life of more than 70 years and ultra-efficient LEDs, Garage Light doesn't just save energy, it saves you time and effort. No more constant bulb changing - just lasting, consistent lighting in your garage, workshop or basement.

    Seriously Simple
    Every Garage Light fixture comes pre-wired for easy, single-person installation. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move and its patent-pending lumen maintenance trays can be removed, cleaned and replaced in just minutes. We'll include a 10 ft. power cord, S-hooks to fit the attached eyebolts, and a template to make installation quick and easy.

    No Switches Necessary
    The Garage Lights' optional occupancy sensor provides 360-degree motion detection, turning the light on automatically when you enter the space and off when you leave. This simple add-on grants your garage an extra level of efficiency, safety and convenience.

    Video Reviews
    "This is the future of lighting right here. Like I said, if you want a shop light that hangs over your head, this is the way to go." - Tools in Action's Garage Light Review (Youtube.com)

    "It's a huge difference, and I know my eyes will appreciate it. In comparison of one Big Ass Light and a lot of cruddy fluorescent lights, I think there is clear winner, and definitely a bright winner!" - Neo7CNC's Garage Light Review (Youtube.com)

    "If you're looking for the brightest, most durable LED light for your shop or garage, I really like this Big Ass Light." - FIX IT Home Improvement's Garage Light Review (Youtube.com)

    Additional Information

    Name The Garage Light
    SKU BAS-SHL3-13050104100900
    Cord Length 10 ft (3.05 m) with plug
    Operating Voltage 120 V
    Operating Current 1.6 Adc (100% PWM)
    Wattage 122
    Efficacy 114 lumens/watt
    Input power 120 V
    Operating temperature -40° to 131° F (-40° to 55° C )
    Lumen Maintenance Tray Diffuse only
    SenseME Enabled No
    Lumen Output 13,000 lm
    Typical CRI 80+
    Corresponding color temperature 5000K
    Dimming range Not available
    Reliability L70 predicted to exceed 150,000 hours at 25° C (77° F)
    Environment For indoor use only
    Remote control Not included
    Controller No external dimming, Occupancy photo
    Warranty 7-year complete fixture warranty in the US and Canada; warranty includes power supply
    Cut Sheet PDF Garage Light Cut Sheet
    Need setup help? Technical Support

    The Garage Light

    SKU: BAS-SHL3-13050104100900
    Ultra-bright and built to last, Garage Light fixtures come pre-wired and include S-hooks for simple installation. The light’s high-efficiency LEDs put out more light than 16 60-watt bulbs and are rated to last for more than 70 years. To top it off, the whole fixture is protected by a 7-year warranty.
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    The Garage Light
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