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    Effortless Savings
    Haiku Wall Control is for use with all Haiku SenseME™-enabled Luxe, H and I Series fans, which can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. The control's built-in motion sensor responds to your presence, automatically turning on any connected fans or lights, and saving energy by turning them off when you leave. SenseME also responds to changing temperature and humidity conditions, adjusting your Haiku fan's settings to keep you comfortable while conserving energy all year long.

    Syncing Made Simple
    Sync the Haiku products in any room and control them from a single convenient location with the Haiku Wall Control.

    Flexible Control
    An intuitive interface and adaptive buttons make Haiku Wall Control a simple, convenient option for operating your Haiku products. Easy-to-read LED indicators display relative fan speed, light intensity or color temperature, depending upon which products you've connected to the wall control.

    The Haiku Wall Control can be used to control existing SenseME™-enabled Haiku fans and the Haiku Light.

    Additional Information

    Name Haiku Wall Control
    SKU 005836-00
    Model Number 005650
    Color White
    Operating Voltage 100/240 VAC, 1 Φ, 50/60 Hz
    Manual Controls Light On/Off, Fan On/Off, Light Adjustment, Speed Adjustment
    Controller Haiku Home app
    Environmental Sensors Ambient temperature and relative humidity
    Operating temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
    Environment For indoor use only
    Warranty 1 year in the US and Canada
    Cut Sheet PDF HaikuHome_CutSheet_HaikuWallControl.pdf
    Need setup help? Technical Support
    Neutral wire required? Yes
    Haiku Wall Control
    SKU: 005836-00

    Haiku Wall Control

    The Haiku Wall Control offers convenient manual command of all Haiku SenseME™-enabled Luxe, H and I Series fans and the Haiku Light. The Haiku Wall Control can wirelessly sync multiple Haiku products for seamless, simultaneous operation.