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Ceiling fans were introduced more than 130 years ago. Since then, not a lot has changed. Typical ceiling fans feature flimsy materials, gaudy designs, pull chains and loud, inefficient motors.

Enter Haiku fans.

Everything about these fans is different. Haiku fans’ patented DC motors are not only completely silent, they consume one-third the energy of typical fan motors. We’ve swapped particle board blades for aerodynamic airfoils, handcrafted from premium materials such as fast-renewing Moso bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum. Instead of employing pull chains, we invented SenseME technology – a series of environmental sensors and an onboard computer engineered to automate the fan’s operation, improving comfort and saving energy simultaneously.

Learn more about the biggest innovation in ceiling fans since their invention. Then, take a Haiku home.


Haiku fans are handcrafted from quality materials in a variety of finishes to suit your space. Select from sustainable Moso bamboo, aircraft-grade aluminum, glass-infused matrix composite or sleek hybrid resin finishes.

Hover over the swatches below to learn more about the materials we use to create Haiku.

Caramel Bamboo

Our caramel airfoils are handcrafted from five layers of Moso bamboo. This variety of bamboo can grow several inches per day, making it incredibly sustainable. Even better? Bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel, making for an efficient and durable Haiku airfoil.


The typical ceiling fan has three settings: imperceptible, tolerable and gale-force winds. Haiku fans’ patent-pending motor controls enable seven discrete speeds, giving you total control of your comfort. Try Whoosh™ mode – a proprietary algorithm that varies the fan speed to simulate a natural breeze.

Nobody moves more air using less energy. Don’t believe us? Check out the ENERGY STAR® list of most efficient ceiling fans, where Haiku fans currently hold the top 19 spots.


Haiku fans make pull chains a thing of the past. In addition to the standard remote control, our fans can be connected to the new Haiku Wall Control, which can wirelessly operate up to seven Haiku fans and/or lights from a single physical control point. If you have a mobile device, you can also adjust your fan’s settings and modes using the Haiku Home app, available for iOS and Android.

With Amazon Echo, staying cool is as simple as saying, “Alexa, turn on Master Bedroom Fan.” Click here to learn more about how Haiku products work with Echo.


SenseME Technology automates your fan’s operation to maximize both comfort and energy savings year-round. Learn more about SenseME’s cutting-edge features and settings.

See Inside Haiku's SenseMe Technology

Haiku fans may be simply elegant, but our teams have spent years painstakingly refining it's underlying technology, so you have both a beautiful fan, and effortless, automated comfort in your living space.


Fans should be felt, not heard. That’s why we individually hand-balance each and every Haiku fan before testing them in a sound chamber to make sure yours won’t wobble, click or squeak. Extra attention to each and every fan goes a long way, which is why Popular Science called Haiku "The World's Quietest Fan".


Our patented fan LED kit offers 16 different brightness settings to provide the perfect light level for any moment—and since the LEDs are rated to last for over 40 years of use, the days of replacing burnt-out bulbs are over. You can even schedule your light to turn on when you need it – at exactly the brightness you want – and off when you don’t.


Haiku fans are up to 12 times more efficient than ENERGY STAR® standards require, and they move air eight times more efficiently than conventional ceiling fans.

Pairing Haiku fans with a smart thermostat makes saving even simpler. Connect your Haiku fan to an ecobee or Nest Learning Thermostat® and the fan’s Smart Mode will operate automatically, reducing HVAC workload and saving you up to 20% on heating and cooling.

To learn more about our work with Harvard and the CBE at the University of California – Berkeley regarding the effectiveness of Haiku fans’ use in winter, click here.

Award-Winning Excellence

Haiku fans have won more than 60 international design and technology awards from esteemed groups including A’Design, Interior Design, IDEA, Popular Science and CES, and they’re the only fans to earn the prestigious red dot award.

Our Customers say it best:

  • “Thank you for having team associates that take satisfaction to heart. I feel like Big Ass Fans has now gone beyond the call of duty.” - Mary G.
  • Sales was willing to coordinate, help with application, and set up an account for purchases. I have never encountered such an on-time and efficient sales team before. - Wayne Q.
  • “Very well pleased with the service. Based on that good service we’re in the process of placing a similar order for our Lubbock, Texas store. Thanks for your help!” - Bill H.
  • “My experience with Big Ass Fans has been wonderful. The product is amazing and the support and follow-up, world class. Thank you so much for everything… We love our fans.” - Joe C.
  • “I bought a bamboo Haiku fan. I really like the airflow and the seven speeds. I am very satisfied with the fan and your customer service.” - Ken M.
  • “Everything has been great and I love my fan. Your customer service was top notch as well.” - Heath K.
  • I can say with 100% assurance that I have been very pleased from start to finish with my every encounter with Big Ass Solutions® . The staff members have been above and beyond friendly and conscientious. - Michelle A.
  • “We had eight Big Ass Fans installed. The process was very professional and enjoyable from the first phone call to the completion of the project.” - Michael N.
  • “I received top-notch customer service. They got back to me the same day, and the next day they sent a new part. I didn't have to jump through hoops, and I wasn't blamed for the problem.” - Debbie F.
  • "Our entire experience was a breeze - from Cory in sales to installation. Our first event in that building was the week after install and our client said 'This freaking fan is AWESOME!'" - Timothy W.

*Refers to SenseME-enabled Haiku fans only. All H and I Series Haiku fans are SenseME-enabled, as are L Series fans connected to Haiku Wall Control.

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