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Take Us Outdoors

Whether it’s a porch, a pergola or a lakefront lanai, Haiku keeps your outdoor space comfortable, year-round.

Match Your Space

Our Outdoor Models come in many of the same premium materials and finishes as our Indoor Luxe, H and I Series fans.* They’ll keep you cool for years and look beautiful doing it. Haiku Fans are the fans most preferred by landscape architects and interior designers.

*Because some technology features of our Indoor Models could be compromised by exposure to weather, they are not offered on our Outdoor Models.

H Series Outdoor
Luxe Series Outdoor

    Choose from two aluminum airfoil finishes.

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A Closer Look

The Outdoor Haiku is designed for outdoor lifestyles. Specially engineered with premium materials and components, it brings cooling comfort when Mother Nature doesn’t.

Aluminum airfoils won’t droop, wobble or fade
Aluminum airfoils won’t droop, wobble or fade
Electronics protected to resist the elements
Brushless EC motor performs silently and expertly
Stainless-steel bearings won’t corrode

Big Ass Fans for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor-rated versions of our iconic Isis and Essence fans are the perfect solution for anyone with bigger air-circulation needs. Both deliver breezy comfort and deter flying insects.

  • Sleek industrial design
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Variable speed to dial in your comfort
  • Available in 8-ft or 10-ft diameters​

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  • When Bigger is Better
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Customize to suit your decor
  • Available in 8-ft, 10-ft, 12-ft or 14-ft

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Porch Lights

Haiku Light is the smart choice for outdoor covered settings. This dynamic LED fixture adjusts to ambient light to conserve energy and adds convenience as well as safety by detecting intruders after dark with its built-in motion sensor. Program it via WiFi and the Haiku Home app to create a completely customized lighting solution for your home.

Starting at $149 Buy

Treasured by our Customers

  • I could not be happier with my Haiku fan. It just makes the room. Every room needs the right foundation item, and this is it.

    - Audrey H.
  • Best fan on the market. It’s quiet, moves a huge amount of air and I love the styling: modern, yet timeless.

    - David S.
  • Haiku fans are beautiful and sleek. I searched high and low for a fan that would look right in our home. The technology is unparalleled.

    - Sharon D.
  • We absolutely love the Haiku fans and can’t believe the difference they make. Not only are they silent, but the amount of air they move at even the slowest speed is amazing.

    - John T.
  • Haiku has been the highlight of my home renovation.

    - Stephen S.
  • You have a top notch product. The design is truly awesome and it works perfectly in our home.

    - Greg G.
  • This is the best-made, dead-quiet, perfectly-balanced, most powerful, best looking fan I have ever seen.

    - Tim S.

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