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SenseME Technology: The Brains Behind Haiku Home

What is SenseME Technology?

Patent-pending SenseME technology is available on all indoor Haiku fans and lights, adjusting the products’ operation based on changes in the environment and your personal preferences. The end result: a more comfortable, convenient and efficient home.

Works Even Better Together

SenseME allows Haiku fans and lights to integrate with partner products, such as Amazon Echo, the ecobee smart thermostat and the Nest Learning Thermostat™ for even simpler and more efficient functionality.
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A Home That Works For You

Haiku products allow you to personalize and automate your fan and light settings so that you can stay comfortable and save energy effortlessly. Simply set your preferences and our products will take it from there, whether our lights are turning off when you leave a room or our fans are increasing speed to keep you cool as temperatures rise.

Haiku Home App Walkthrough

The Haiku Home app is there if you need it, but we’re confident that, once you’ve set your preferences, our fans and lights will take it from there. That said, if you need a quick reminder of how our app works, check out this video.

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