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SenseME + Devices

Does my remote still work with the Haiku fan?

Yes. Everything on the remote still works with the fan, but to get to the more advanced features, you need to download the app.

Which iOS devices will support this app?

The Haiku Home app is optimized for iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or newer.

Which Android devices will support this app?

The Haiku Home app is optimized for Android devices running operating system 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer.

I don’t have a smartphone, but I still want a Haiku Fan with SenseME. What are my options?

You can control your Haiku via the standard remote control included with each Haiku fan. If you purchase a smartphone or tablet at a later time, the full functionality of SenseME will be ready and waiting.

Is there a wall control available for my Haiku fan?

Yes, the Haiku Wall Control is compatible with H-Series, I-Series and L-Series fans. For more information, click here.

If you’re still having issues, don’t hesitate to contact our tech support hotline at 1 (855)-MY-HAIKU.

I bought a Haiku Fan w/ SenseME already. Is there a wall control for me?

Yes, the Haiku Wall Control is compatible with all SenseME-equipped Haiku fans.

How does the Haiku Wall Control work?

The Haiku Wall Control connects to other Haiku Home products in the same room, providing full command of fan speed and light intensity from a single location on your wall.

If I get a new mobile device, will I need to reconnect my Haiku products to the Haiku Home app?

If your Haiku products are already set up, simply connect the new device to your home network and start the app. All of your personalized settings, including preferences and scheduled events, are stored within the fan.

Can my fan be integrated into other home or building automation systems?

Other home automation systems allow the fan to be turned on and off, but do not allow for speed or other settings adjustments. When the fan is turned on by another home automation system, the fan speed will return to the setting it was on prior to being turned off. You can still control the fan with your mobile device or the remote while it’s incorporated with the home automation system. For greatest convenience, set your fan to Smart Mode and activate its motion sensor to save energy and stay comfortable automatically.

Why do I need to create a Haiku Home account?

By creating a Haiku Home account, you will benefit from smart device integrations as well as unmatched customer service. If you have a Nest Learning Thermostat™, you’ll be able to take full advantage of our latest Nest integrations by linking your fan and thermostat together to provide optimal comfort and energy savings.

SenseME + Operations

Can I access my fan when I’m away from home?

Not at this time. Your mobile device must be on the same wireless network as your fan to control it.

Are my SenseME app and SenseME accounts still valid?

The SenseME app is now the Haiku Home app, and all SenseME accounts have been automatically converted to Haiku Home accounts. Your favorite features are still there, along with additional updates and improvements.

Why am I being asked to provide information about my room through the Haiku Home app?

The Haiku Home app will automatically group devices within the same room so that they work together.

What is Smart Mode?

Smart Mode uses the technology inside SenseME-enabled Haiku products to constantly monitor room conditions like temperature and humidity. Select your preferred temperature and Smart Mode automatically adjusts the fan speed as conditions change to keep you comfortable and save energy year-round.

Will fans in the same room all operate in Smart Mode?

Yes, fans grouped together will run in Smart Mode together.

Will my LED light work with Smart Mode?

Smart Mode doesn’t interact with the LED light. While the fan is in Smart Mode, the light can still be controlled manually and with other SenseME features like the motion sensor.

Will Smart Mode work if the fan is in reverse?

Since we don’t recommend operating Haiku fans in reverse, your fan will not operate in Smart Mode if it’s set to operate in reverse.

Will Smart Mode work on my L-Series fan?

When connected to a Haiku Wall Control, L-Series fans can utilize Smart Mode as well as the Wall Control’s motion-sensing capabilities.

What is Whoosh Mode?

Whoosh Mode varies the fan’s speed to mimic refreshing natural breezes – perfect for the hottest summer days. You can choose minimum and maximum speeds so Whoosh never gets too breezy for you.

What is Smarter Heating mode?

Smarter Heating mode reduces heating costs by recirculating the hot air trapped at your ceiling. It automatically speeds up the fan to mix the air when you’re gone and slows it back down when you’re in the room so you’re always comfortable.

How can I save on cooling costs by using Haiku products with SenseME?

Smarter Cooling increases fan speed automatically to keep you comfortable, even as temperatures rise in your room. With SenseME, you can raise your thermostat set point by a few degrees while staying comfortable and saving up to 30% on cooling costs.

What happens if I add a fan with an existing schedule to a room that already has a schedule?

If there is a scheduling conflict between the fan and the rest of the devices in the room, you will be asked if you want the fan to match the room’s schedule. Select No if you want the fans to continue with their original schedules. If you choose No, the new fan won’t be added to the room.

How sensitive is the SenseMe unit?

SenseME works by detecting motion, along with even slight changes in temperature and humidity, in the room in order to best anticipate and react to your needs. Forget to turn the fan or light off when you left the room? Don’t worry, we can do that for you automatically. Want the room to feel comfortable to you no matter what time of year it is or how much sunlight is pouring through your windows? No problem. SenseME is designed to adjust your fan’s speeds to make your room’s temperature feel comfortably consistent year round.

What does the Motion Sensor do?

The built-in Motion Sensor automatically turns your Haiku fan or light kit on or off when you enter or leave a room. It’s easy, it’s convenient (especially if your hands are full), and it means even more energy savings.

Why won’t the fan turn on when I enter the room?

The fan or light must be on when you leave the room if you want them to turn on when you re-enter the room. If the fan or light was turned off when you left, it will remain off when you return.

How do I schedule a fan or light to turn off?

To schedule turning a fan or light off, ensure the Fan or Light bubble is checked on the Schedule screen, and then toggle off the Fan or Light toggle switch at the bottom of the screen to disable it. The event will turn the fan or light off at the scheduled time.

What is Sleep Mode?

For SenseME products, Sleep Mode allows you to choose your ideal sleeping conditions to stay comfortable all night long. Pick a preferred temperature and your Haiku fan will keep your room feeling that way, automatically slowing the fan down as your bedroom gets colder during the night. (For reference, the National Sleep Foundation suggests a bedroom temperature of 65°F [18.3°C] for the best snooze.)

Why doesn’t my Nest Learning Thermostat respond instantly?

It takes up to 60 seconds for the thermostat to receive and process a command from the Haiku Home app.

SenseME + WiFi

Do I need to configure my wireless network in a certain way to accommodate the fan?

Most routers will connect to the fan without special configuration. Your Haiku Home products will have the broadest support for different router types and configurations. If you have network trouble with an older Haiku product, refer to your owner’s manual or contact customer support and we’ll be glad to assist you.

How do I reset the Haiku Fan's Wi-Fi network to factory defaults?

If you need to reset your Haiku to broadcast its own Wi-Fi network again (this will disconnect it from any other Wi-Fi network it’s on), use the remote. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the fan is powered on but not spinning.
  2. Point the remote at the fan and press the following buttons: Whoosh™, Whoosh™, Clear, Timer, Power.

Haiku should beep once each time you press a button. The fan will reset itself—this might take a minute.

If the default network does not appear in your wireless networks on your mobile device, press the power button on the fan remote twice before attempting to reset it again.

Important note: If you have not recently updated the firmware on your product, you may need to first disconnect and then reconnect power to the device. After that, you will have a five minute window to reset per the instructions above.

How do I reset the Haiku Wall Control’s Wi-Fi network to factory defaults?

Here’s how to reset your Haiku Wall Control to broadcast its own Wi-Fi network again (this will disconnect it from any other Wi-Fi network it’s on):

  1. Press and hold all four buttons for >6 seconds to reboot the wall control.
  2. When the wall control comes out of reboot, the LEDs will all light and then turn off one at a time as a countdown. While the LEDs are counting down press and hold the lower right button to reset to factory defaults.

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