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Everything about these fans is different. Haiku motors are not only completely silent, they consume one-third the energy of typical fan motors. We’ve swapped particle board blades for aerodynamic aerofoils, handcrafted from premium materials such as Moso bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminium. Instead of pull chains, we invented SenseME technology – a series of environmental sensors engineered to automate the fan’s operation, improving comfort and saving energy simultaneously.

    H Series

    Winner of more than 60 international awards and built from premium materials, H Series represents our highest achievement in design, craftsmanship, technology and convenience.

    I Series

    A powerful combination of design, performance and technology, I Series moves up to 50% more air than L Series and features on-board SenseME technology for maximum convenience and efficiency.

    L Series

    Haiku's signature design elements, energy efficiency and effectiveness at a more accessible price point. Available in stylish white or black and features a built-in LED light.