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About the Fan
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About the Fan

Automatic Comfort

Haiku L Series fans can be enabled with optional SenseME™ Technology, which allows you to automate your comfort and save energy all year long. SenseME responds to your presence and reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, adjusting its speeds so that you always stay comfortable.

Exceptional Efficiency

The L Series fan performs efficiently. Its slim profile houses a uniquely engineered motor built to deliver extraordinary comfort using exceptionally little power.

Versatile Controls

Haiku L Series’ remote control makes selecting your perfect comfort setting easy. Choose any of the fan’s seven speeds or unique settings like Sleep or Whoosh® Mode at the push of a button.

Long-Lasting Silence

Each set of L Series airfoils are hand-balanced so that your fan won’t wobble. The fans are then tested in a state-of-the-art sound chamber to ensure silent operation at every speed.


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