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Haiku Home® Builder Program

Home builders are an essential part of the Haiku Home vision for more efficient, comfortable and responsive residences, and this invitation-only program is designed to achieve that goal.

By participating, you'll enjoy special access to Haiku Home's high-quality, energy efficient offerings such as ceiling fans and lights, along with unique pricing, warranty and service terms exclusive to members of the program. Aligning with the well-known brand of Haiku Home will spotlight your leadership in technology and design while differentiating your business from your competitors.

To learn more, complete an application or call 877-835-9118.

Summary of Benefits

  • Custom discounts, early awareness of new products, marketing support, and local client referrals.
  • Direct account/partnership with a reputable US manufacturer
  • Haiku Home builder partners can seamlessly offer premium ceiling fans, LED lighting, smart thermostats, controls and partner products as available upgrades
  • Builders profit from each customer-upgrade -- instead of thinking of "the lighting package" as a sunk cost
  • Haiku Home's on-staff engineers and designers can do custom layouts for every home, and provide fixture schedules, quotes, and customer support including consultation before, during and after construction
  • Lifetime warranty on Haiku Fan motors transfer to homeowners
  • Haiku Home will promote builder partners as a "Haiku Home builder" – showcasing their commitment to building technologically advanced, high end homes with premium products that maximize efficiency and comfort
  • Haiku Home will use the local builder's model home and/or design center as a showroom for local clients.

Participation Requirements

To participate in The Haiku Home builder Program, we ask that our partners agree to the following provisions:

  • Completion of the Haiku Home builder application
  • Make Haiku Home a standard part of your process (explained further in the application)
  • Showcase of products in model home(s) and design or selections center(s)
  • e-introductions with your design partners including Interior Designers and Architects
  • Consultations with builder staff and home buyers relative to the advantages of using Haiku Home products – efficiency, comfort, convenience, performance

Check list to submit Builder Application

  • Builder must meet Haiku Home’s expectations for quality of construction, reputation and dedication to a superior client experience.
  • Builder information survey completed
  • Images of model home(s)
  • Images of selections/design center(s)
  • PDF or DWG files of model home(s)

The Fine Print

  • Builder does not have right to use any Big Ass Solutions’ brand marks (including Haiku Home) without the expressed consent of Big Ass Solutions.
  • Builder does not have the right to refer to themselves as a “distributor”
  • Haiku Home reserves the right to terminate the partnership at any time, with written 30 day advanced notice

To apply, complete this form or call 877-835-9118.