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Active Light Equalization™

When a room’s ambient light levels change (like when sun sets or you open the blinds), Haiku light springs into action, brightening or dimming automatically to balance out the space’s illumination.


Ordinary fans have blades (you know, those flat things made from pressboard material). Ours have patented, aerodynamic airfoils engineered to move a ton of air, even at slower speeds.


Short for ampere, a unit of electric current 'named' after a French physicist from the 1700s, of all things. Haiku fans run on as little as 0.039 amps (about 25 times less than a typical cell phone charger, in case you were wondering).

Ballast (electrical)

An electrical ballast is a device that limits amount of current in an electric circuit. In other words, it keeps your lights from blowing up.


Cubic feet per minute, a standard measurement of air velocity. Ceiling fan efficiency is measured by calculating CFM/watt.


Color Rendering Index is a quantitative way (on a scale 0-100) to measure how accurately a light source reveals the true color of a given object. For example, if your light makes your favorite blue shirt look a little green, its CRI is probably not so hot.

Color Temperature

A measurement of a given light source’s appearance as defined on the Kelvin scale. Warm amber light checks in at about 2200K, while cool white light is around 5000K. The sun, meanwhile, is about 6500K. (Show off.)

DC Motor

Direct Current motors – like those in Haiku fans – use built-in, permanent magnets, which allow them to operate much more quietly and efficiently than their AC – Alternating Current – counterparts.

Decibel (dB)

A unit used to measure the intensity of a sound (or, in simpler terms, how loud something is). We test our Haiku fans in a state-of-the-art sound chamber to ensure they produce fewer than 35 dB, making them undetectable to the human ear.

Driver (electrical)

In the case of LEDs, the driver converts AC power to the proper DC voltage and regulates current to protect the lights from degrading. Like a guardian angel for your LEDs, in other words.


An international standard for energy efficient consumer products. Haiku fans currently hold the top 19 spots on the ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans list. They don’t give out crowns for things like this, but if they did, we’d have one — or 19.


As it relates to ceiling fans, an escutcheon is a decorative plate or cover that protects your ceiling and covers up the outlet box and wiring connected to your fan.

Full Appearance

This is what we call our satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze on Haiku fans, since they’re all one color, from the base of their mount to the tips of their airfoils.

IR (infrared)

Radiant energy that falls just out of range on the visible light spectrum. Remote controls frequently use IR to send signals to the devices they control, like TVs and, of course, Haiku fans.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The network of objects — including household devices, cars and even buildings — that use electronics, software, sensors and internet connectivity to communicate with people and other IoT devices.


Light Emitting Diode. LEDs use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs, making them the most efficient choice when upgrading your old lights.

Low Profile Mount

Stand up straight, tall people! When hung using our low-profile mount, your Haiku fan will extend just over a foot from your ceiling, making it a perfect fit in spaces with ceilings as low as 8 feet.


The standard unit of measure for light output. When considering how bright you want your light to be (especially when using LEDs), think lumens, not watts. Haiku lights produce nearly 1400 lumens, which is more than three times brighter than a conventional 40W bulb.

Moso Bamboo

Scientific id: Phyllostachys edulis (gesundheit). Moso bamboo can grow more than a foot per day, and it’s one of the most durable bamboos on the planet (which is why we use it to make our caramel and cocoa airfoils).


Revolutions Per Minute. A measure of how frequently a mechanical component rotates around a fixed axis in a minute. The higher the RPM, the more fun the Merry-go-Round.

SenseME™ Technology

Created in 2014, SenseME Technology is our name for the array of sensors and microprocessors that allow our fans to respond to changing room conditions, keeping you comfortable and lowering your energy costs year-round. Learn more about how SenseME works here.
Learn more about how SenseME works here.

Sleep Mode

A special setting that allows you to set your sleep preferences and stay comfortable all night. Your Haiku fan will self-adjust to keep you resting easy.

Smart Mode

Whether you’re heating or cooling your home, Smart Mode can save energy automatically by adjusting your Haiku fan’s speed to reduce your HVAC system’s workload, all while keeping you comfortable.
Learn more about how Smart Mode works here.

Standard Mount

This mount is ideal for ceilings between 8.5 and 10 feet in height. With the standard mount, your Haiku fan will extend just 17 inches from your ceiling to the bottom of its (optional) light kit.

Universal Mount

A mount with a longer downtube (up to 32 inches), designed for tall (10 feet or above) or sloped ceilings. Your two-story great room just got a whole lot more comfortable.


James Watt invented the steam engine, so we figured we’d do him the courtesy of naming this unit – which measures power – after him.

Whoosh™ Mode

Varies a Haiku fan’s speed to mimic a natural breeze. It’s like our engineers created an algorithm to make your living room feel like a day at the beach. (You’re welcome.)


The standard technology for wirelessly connecting computers and electronic devices (like your smart phone) to the internet. We use Wi-Fi to connect Haiku fans to our mobile app, to each other, and to our partner products, like Amazon Echo.


Cute name, major impact. These aerodynamic tips are fitted to the ends of our industrial-style fans, Isis and Essence, to reduce turbulence and create smoother, more even airflow.

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